Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle

Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle
Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle

Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle

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  • 100% Pure Mushroom. No Fillers. No Preservatives
  • Farmed Vertically Indoors

Our Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle is perfect for the whole family!

This bundle contains 1 pack each of:

Brain Boost Powder - For Students for its ability to support cognitive and neurological health. It helps support memory and keeps them alert and focused.

Serenity Powder - For both new parents and grandparents looking to have a calmer mind and deeper sleep. Terpenoid compounds help soothe the nerves promoting a positive sedative action to the mind.

Umamix Seasoning- For the budding culinary connoisseur of the family who will enjoy adding "pleasantly savory taste" to every dish.

Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to consume within 3 months. If you plan on taking longer to consume, refrigerate it, stored in low moisture climate in air tight containers for it to last years.

All our produce is grown in our indoor urban farm - a controlled, temperature specific environment.

Brain Boost
Serenity Powder
Umamix Seasoning
Heart Shield Powder
Mushroom Powder Gift Bundle
Sale price ₱1,260.00 Regular price ₱1,400.00
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