Sweet Green Melon

Sweet Green Melon
Sweet Green Melon

Sweet Green Melon

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  • Vitamin C (high content), K, Potassium, Magnesium
  • Many Electrolytes May Help Reduce Blood Pressure, Nutrients to Bone Health
  • Greenhouse Grown

Our melon is a honeydew variant with a sweet light-green flesh on the inside, cantaloupe shaped from the outside. One of the globe's most popular melons, it's sweet and refreshing nature makes it delicious while hydrating you.

Preferred as breakfast, a snack, mixed in salads, dessert or garnish

Wrapping in paper and keeping them in our biodegradable ziplock bag without sealing. The ideal temperature for storage is below 10°C away from the coldest part of the chiller.

Our Greenhouse-grown vegetables are grown by select farms for inclusive modernization of Philippine agriculture.

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Sweet Green Melon
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