organic, zero-pesticides, non-gmo, hydroponic, radish microgreens for manila delivery with price and where to buy
radish microgreens sprouts manila delivery
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Profile: A superfood with barely any calories, radish fights skin dryness, acts as detoxifier  and boosts the immune system. It has a high water content to also keep you hydrated. Its spicy and peppery taste is less than a mature radish; just the right amount
Feel: Tiny leaves with tiny stems that are incredibly easy to handle

Ways to Eat:  A great addition to top off your salad mixes, soups or fatty foods. Add to your sandwiches or; wraps, include in a smoothie, top off pizza or improve your takeout;

Contains 40 grams of fresh radish microgreens delivered in a resealable, reusable fully-biodegradable bag.


    For Frisee, Oakleaf and Butterhead
    Each order quantity consists of two or more full-size Salanova lettuce heads. Each lettuce head generally weighs between 100-120 grams and will be packed as full, which includes the base/butt of the lettuce.

    For Salanova Lettuce Mix
    Each order quantity consists of multiple heads of Salanova lettuce packed loose-leaf style (not including base/butt of the lettuce) up to 220grams.

    Reminder that due to lettuce sizing and varieties included, the weight you receive may vary.

    All our products are packaged in a biodegradable, resealable bag. 

     We deliver across Metro Manila
  • Regular Php 100.00 delivery fee within Metro Manila, and Php 200 for further areas such as Munintlupa & Parañaque
  • FREE Delivery for orders that reach Php 1,000.00.
  • Your order can only be delivered the next day.
  • Select the right time (morning or evening) when you can receive your order.
  • You will be notified when your delivery is en route.
  • Have cash or card at hand, ready to pay on delivery.
  • Multiple Secure payment

    You can select to pay via Cash-on-Delivery (COD), Gcash or using Paymaya account or payment gateway for credit & debit card. All payment information will be SSL coded to protect your card data and to ensure safety.

    Guaranteed Fresh

    Your produce will be harvested in the morning; the same day it is delivered to you. This is guaranteed all-year-round. Through strict quality control, you'll receive no bad leaves on delivery. Grown in a sterile, controlled indoor environment, our produce is optimized for taste and freshness.

    Subsidized Shipping Over Php 1,000

    The best delivery rate for any farm. For orders above ₱1,000, you will receive ₱100 off shipping. This means FREE shipping for most areas of Metro Manila. 

    Flat rate of shipping of ₱100. For further areas like Alabang & Rizal, the rate is ₱200.


    As we are an indoor, urban farm our produce touches only 2 pairs of hands and travels ~20KM before reaching you. This compares to traditional farms where your produce will touch 9 pairs of hands and travel ~500KM. 

    We use 95% less water than traditional farms, and have zero wastage on delivery.