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Elevate your e-commerce career to new heights as an E-commerce Manager for a leading agtech company in the Philippines! An e-commerce manager is a crucial role in the success of Future Fresh. With the responsibility for driving online sales and improving customer experience through the development and implementation of effective e-commerce strategies. This person will be in charge of managing and optimizing the company's online store, devising and executing online marketing campaigns with the team cross-functionally, and analyzing website data to identify opportunities for growth and problem-solving. The person in this role will serve as the backbone of the organization's online presence, and their performance directly impacts the bottom line of the company and customer satisfaction.


  • Develop and implement e-commerce strategies to increase online sales and improve customer experience.
  • Assist with website content development and transitioning social storytelling to the website with the content team
  • Manage and optimize the company's online store. This includes product listings, new uploads, voucher activations, popup management, plan & run campaigns for our online store 
  • Analyze website data and customer behavior to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, using apps, tools, requests from the internal data team, Shopify dashboards, data, and more
  • Manage and coordinate the work of any third-party vendors or service providers that support the company's e-commerce operations, such as external partners for UI/UX, web design & SEO oversight
  • Constant collaboration with other departments, such as logistics and customer service, to ensure smooth and efficient operations, delivery, and fulfillment for the best customer experience.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in e-commerce and digital marketing to apply to the Future Fresh store
  • Manage the budget and forecasting demand for future sales.
  • Create and implement strategies to increase customer retention and loyalty. 
  • Manage customer service associate(s) 

Lead F&B and B2B sales at a cutting-edge farming company and bring sustainable, locally-sourced food to the masses! Join our revolutionary modern farming company in helping and serving F&B clientele! Drive growth through working with customers in the food & beverage industry in the Philippines. Bring sustainable, locally-sourced food through modern farming to chefs' hands. Make their job easier by allowing their creativity with food to shine. You'll lead sales, build key customer relationships, identify sales opportunities and market our products. This is a unique opportunity to make a real impact in the food industry and feel appreciated for your contributions as you'll have a direct impact on the success of our company and F&B companies that lead to happy customers.


  • Develop and implement sales strategies that will drive the growth of our F&B sales channel 
  • Build and maintain relationships with key customers to ensure repeat business
  • Act as a liaison between our company, potential, and current customers
  • Identify and manage inbound new sales leads and develop strategies to capitalize on them
  • Expand database of current and prospective customers through finding customers in the market
  • Collaborate with other departments to research, understand and ensure that our products are being marketed effectively to the right audiences and customers understand the product and the value proposition
  • Analyze sales data to identify trends and present reports with the help of our internal data team
  • Communicate regularly with management to provide updates on sales progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Network with industry professionals to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in restaurants, fine dining, cuisines, and food sales
  • Represent our company at industry events and tastings
  • Manage sales admin to assist with fulfilling orders

Previous Experiences:

  • Proven track record of sales success in the food and beverage or retail goods industry
  • Previous experience with food or food products, 
  • Be a foodie and enjoy eating at restaurants and visiting establishments 
  • Experience driving sales and customer retention
  • Strong networking and relationship-building skills
  • Ability to develop and implement effective sales strategies
  • Strong understanding of customer needs, pain points and presenting the value of a product to close deals
  • Stay organized, and manage through large customer lists requesting orders
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, like reporting to the management team
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret sales data and report on sales
  • Proven ability to work well under sales target pressure and push-through targets 

Become a content creating machine for Future Fresh. Capture, create, and edit the content that the public will see from social media accounts, advertising and e-commerce.  Create memorable day-to-day content that puts a smile on audiences' faces. Develop and optimize content by producing designs, videos, infographs, photographs, shorts, reels that carries Future Fresh's brand, narrative and gains support with viewers through storytelling. 


  • Support and develop the content strategy. Expect to change and adapt regularly.
  • Assist in the development of the social media pages, and posting creative guidelines.
  • Structure content through sourcing information, analyzing trends in industry. Research will play a role to insert Future Fresh into hot topics and conversations in news, social media and other entertainment.
  • Continuous content creation through various formats. Have fun creating content and get customers to say they love us.
  • Create content for use in paid media advertising, digital marketing, e-mail marketing and social media
  • Create various types of content formats (long-form, short-form, user-generated content (UGC), photo, video, flyers, billboards, etc.)
  • Manage third party creators, arrange for photo shoots, events, and maintain constant flow of UGC
  • Manage and update the images used on e-commerce pages and all social platforms. 


  • Tech savvy and demonstrated interest and competency in relevant content and design technologies, tools and softwares (i.e. Adobe CSS, Final Cut, Avid, InDesign and/or similar)
  • Proven capable to edit long-from videos to short bite-sized content pieces
  • Interpersonal skills to project manage well and finalize content within given time-frames
  • Analytically-minded to review content success metrics, and make adjustments to improve performance and likeability 
  • Good with people given that content is highly interactive with the internal team, third-parties and those outside. Should be able to engage with customers fearlessly.
  • You are a storyteller and capable writer to attach copy to your  
  • Proven to deviate from the standard creatives seen everyday. Does not only replicate. 
  • Preferred, not necessary, experience photographing, videoing food, chefs, restaurants, talking heads

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