Future Fresh: Women in Agriculture

Future Fresh celebrates the contribution of Women in Agriculture. 
We sat down with women from our team to hear their thoughts about the role of women in this industry. 

What made you decide to be a Chemical Engineer in the Agriculture industry?
I have a skill set that could help increase the quality of the process and the products. Ensuring food security, and exploring innovations in agri-tech in a third-world setting drives me.
What are the efforts Future Fresh is doing to change agriculture and inclusivity?
The Future Fresh team takes sustainable food production responsibly by keeping wastage, space, and water consumption as low as possible. As the company grows, the team actively diversifies by having more women in the field.
What do you think are the barriers women face in Agriculture?
These barriers are social justice issues that require constant listening and intervention. Different types of communities participate in different food systems, and as societies evolve, it should be ensured that women have access and control to development and building methods in agriculture. More importantly, women should be given the same rights and opportunities as men in law and jurisprudence.

How is the role of women in Agriculture changing?

With the introduction of handy agricultural tools, access to decision-making, administration of purchasing power, and relief from hard toiling, women have shifted from subordinate roles to income-generators in agriculture. To add, diversity can help offset the global threat of food security.
What is it like working with Future Fresh?
I enjoy tending to the nutrients for the water system and being given full ownership of tasks. I’m able to apply certain subjects (like analytical chemistry stoichiometry) to increase the quality of food production and enhance my own learning.