Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad with Future Fresh Baby Kale

Roasted Chickpea Baby Kale Caesar Salad 🌿🥣🌿 ⠀
by The Sunny Vegan



Roasted Chickpeas⠀
1 can of chickpeas, skins removed ⠀
1/8 tsp of Cayenne Pepper⠀
2 tsp Cumin⠀
2 tsp Spanish Paprika⠀
Pinch of Salt (or two, just keep tasting because our salt may be different!) ⠀
1 tbsp Olive Oil⠀
2 cloves of Garlic⠀

Vegan Caesar Dressing ⠀
1 Nori Sheet ⠀
1 tbsp of Caper⠀
2 tsp of Caper Liquid (the briney liquid your capers come in) ⠀
1 clove of Garlic (crushed)⠀
1 tbsp of Lemon⠀
3 tbsp Vegan Mayo ⠀
Put chili oil if you desire spice ⠀

Kale Salad ⠀
Garnish with Croutons (I use stale bread & toast it up with a little olive oil & garlic) ⠀
Use any greens of your choice but I used baby Kale from @gofuturefresh
I also added some cherry tomatoes, although it’s not customary in Caesar Salad I know but I just had some in the ref I wanted to use! ⠀


1. Mix all the ingredients for your dressing, remember to always taste based on your preference and also because we don’t use the same ingredients so some might be saltier or more sour than mine! For the dressing, we are trying to impart the flavors of the sea back again, so the nori sheet & the briney capers work well in the aspect. ⠀
2. Once done with dressing, put in fridge to cool. Heat pan with oil & once it’s hot add in your garlic. ⠀
3. Add in your drained, skinless chickpeas, and toast with your spices. Don’t crush your chickpeas, we still want them whole but some nice coloring is great. ⠀
4. Allow your hot chickpeas to cool. We don’t wilted veg! Wash your greens & put them in them serving bowl. Add in your chickpeas on top, followed by a nice serving of your salad dressing and garnish with your croutons and black pepper & we are good to go!